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Chasing the Rain
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Macro Mushroom Confidential
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Please note: This is not a treatise on macro photography. It is an in-depth, candid, and personal accounting of Taylor Lockwood's technique and equipment, history and esthetic preferences.

Macro Mushroom Confidential -- DVD video

For the first time in twenty-six years, Taylor Lockwood tells the secrets that made him the world's foremost mushroom photographer.
He chronicles his equipment history, his current gear, explains some of the basics of general and macro photography, takes us on several field sessions, critiques his own work, offers tips, tricks, and lots more.
The program includes:
Introduction: the basics, apertures, f-stops, depth of field, etc., equipment: 1984 to present; Cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, and composition, field sessions--short. (The "extended" field sessions are included on the DVD and available through "Extras" on the main menu.)
Critique Gallery -- What goes right and wrong in a photo.
Tips and Tricks.
Main program length: 55:32
Extended field sessions 31:11
Snapshot camera tutorial 1:42

Price: $14.95 --


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